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File Specs

Image Resources, Inc, / Nimlok Kansas

Large Format Graphics File Prep Instructions

We prefer Files in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator. We are currently using CS5 versions of these programs. If you are using a newer version, save back to CS5.


We can accept Quark, Freehand and InDesign, but we do not have these programs to check the art. These programs are designed more for offset printing and don’t always translate to the large format printing as well. If these programs are used please export as .eps files. If Quark, Freehand or InDesign files are sent, additional charges may be incurred.


Photoshop is always ours and our print vendors first choice. (Type fonts can be rasterized and no placed files are needed.) Make sure all placed files are included for other formats (Illustrator etc.)


Save as .tif or .psd files. Flattened files are preferred, but if art is more complicated (such as certain PMS color matches etc) send also a layered file. Please specify any PMS colors expected to be matched. If you are certain the copy is perfect, rasterize the type (or outline the fonts in Illustrator) so fonts aren’t needed. If editing may need to occur, make sure to send the Macintosh or Tru Type fonts.


Save all files at 100-150 dpi at actual size. No higher, this will cause larger files with no better end result. Create file as CMYK unless we are producing Lambda prints then use RGB. (Ask your salesperson if not for sure)


Most Files need a ¼” bleed on all sides. Dye Sub Fabric graphics need 2” on all sides. Compact booth art needs ½” bleed. Compact art and other paneled graphics (large single graphic cut in separate pieces) leave art as one file for printer to separate.


Please provide hardcopy or PDF for reference.


PowerPoint, Word and any graphics built for Web use are not acceptable as large format art.


Art for graphics to be cut in vinyl (small booth headers etc.) needs to be vector art (we prefer Illustrator). Outline all fonts and strokes. Vinyl colors are limited; we will match as close as possible to PMS colors.


Any work needed to be done by Image Resources/Nimlok Kansas to prepare art will be quoted before work is done @ 90.00 per hour.


Send us art on DVD or CD or upload to our FTP Site (see below). Except for some Illustrator files, e-mailed art will be too small to use as large format art.


Files uploaded to the FTP site will upload faster if compressed using WinZip or Stuffit. but not necessary. If uploading several files please place in a folder or zip into one file.


Please use your company name in the file name to make it easier for us to find and track your files.


FTP Instructions:


Log on to:

http://ftp.imageresourcesinc.com/ftp.asp to connect to the server. There may be security certificate warnings popup, just click OK through those and a password page will come up.


Username: iruser

Password: image


A Java box will come up to upload files. Either drag from your file manager or click on the select button and browse your computer for the files. An indicator will let you know when the upload is finished. Send us an email at dmunroe@imageresourcesinc.com to lets us know to expect it.


If you have any questions contact your Image Resources/ Nimlok Kansas Sales Representative or David Munroe @ 1-800-511-3925 or 316-267-8027.

Corporate Offices & Showroom
2900 S. Hydraulic, Wichita, KS 67216
316.267.8027 or 800.511.3925
fax: 316.267.4804